From Towns and Communities of Denton County, compiled by Emily Fowler and Alma Lain Chambers
Courtesy Emily Fowler Public Library

Green Valley Community
(Home Demonstration Club Collection)

In the north central part of Texas, lies a beautiful valley, eight or ten miles in length and four to five miles in width. This valley is located in the County of Denton about nine miles northeast of the city of Denton, the county seat. Down through the center of this valley flows a small stream known as Culp Creek.

In 1870, there were only two towns of any size in the county, Pilot Point and Denton. A few families settled on the east bank of Culp Creek where wood and water were plentiful. A small village sprang up here and took the name Toll Town. Who named the place or why it was so named is unknown.

In the spring of 1878, a young man by the name of Henry Clay Wilmoth came to Toll Town and taught a subscription school. At the insistence of the people of the community, he made application to the government at Washington, D. C., to establish a post office at Toll Town. The authorities insisted that another name be selected for such proposed post office. Mr. Wilmoth suggested the name of Green Valley and the name was accepted by the government. So the name Green Valley was given to the post office and to the community. When school district No.20 was organized in 1884, it was also called Green Valley School.

The Green Valley community was slow in developing for several reasons. There were no established roads; no bridges across any of the streams and no railroad nearer than Sherman which was fifty miles away.

Finally families began to move into this beautiful valley and today it has developed into a fertile, thriving farming community. It has beautiful well-established homes, a nice country church, a well-kept cemetery, graveled roads and electricity. Green Valley is now one of the outstanding communities of Denton County because of family life behind it. Since the consolidation of schools in the county, the schoolhouse has been taken over as a community center. The WSCS of the Methodist Church uses it for quilting bees and suppers. One night each week all families are invited to come to the community house to join in the fun of playing dominoes and canasta.

Another outstanding thing that this community does is to entertain the ex-students of the Green Valley School. Folks come from far and near to this reunion, which is held every two years, this being the year (1952).

Mrs. M. U. Duncan Aubrey, Texas.